Agent Creating A Marketing Code

Creating A Marketing Code As An Agent

Once you log into your Agent Tool Website, click on your Listings tab to make sure you have the listing, to create the marketing code.


If A Listing Does Not Appear In Your Listings

If one of your listings that you are associated with, does not appear on your Listings page, click the blue “MLS Update” to pull the listings. This will pull from our internal servers, a box will pop up with the listings MLS# and address, and the listing will be added to your listings.


Adding A Listing Manually

If the listing still does not pull, you can manually add the property by clicking the “+” button next to the “MLS Update” button.  This will take you to another page where you can enter in the MLS # in the Auto Pre-Fill box, click search and it will auto load the listings information. Click the “SAVE” button at the bottom to save the listing to your listings.


Creating A Marketing Code

Now that you have checked to make sure that your listings are added, we can now create a Marketing Code.  At the top of your Agent Tool page, click on the Direct Promotions tab to take you to the Marketing Code page.  To create a new marketing code, click the “+” button next to the “Bulk Upload” button.


Marketing Code Info

  1. Enter in a short marketing code name so that it is easily recognizable. The green check mark (√) will appear when the code name is available. 

  2. You can select a Listing, Agent Contact Page, Agent Listing Page or Arbitrary URL to connect to the marketing code.

  3. Then you can select what type of use this marketing code is going to be used for, for future reference.

  4. Make sure to SAVE the marketing code by clicking “CREATE”


Viewing Your Marketing Code

  1. Find the marketing code you want to view and click the blue “View” button

  2. You can actually scan the QR code from the screen and make sure it is linked to the property.

  3. You can save the marketing code as an Image

  4. You can save the marketing code as a PDF

  5. You can save the marketing code URL

  6. You can copy the URL and paste it in another browser tab to view it on the web.

Editing & Deleting The Marketing Code

If the property you connected to a marketing code is no longer listed, you can edit the marketing code to use for another property. You can also edit the marketing code to direct to your Agent Contact page, Agent Listing Page or Arbitrary URL. To edit the marketing code, click the Green Pencil Icon to the right of the marketing code. It will open the Edit Marketing Code box, and from there you may change what the marketing code is assigned to and the use of the marketing code. Make sure to save your changes by clicking the CREATE button. To delete the marketing code, click the Red X Icon and it will be removed from the marketing code list.