Sending Your PAA To Yourself As An Agent

Sending Your PAA Tool To Phone and Email

Home123’s Personal Agent Applications (PAA) Suite provides every agent with a fully personalized and customizable suite of real estate tools to provide instant access anywhere they are working. To send this PAA tool to your mobile phone or email, login to your Agent Tool page and click on your Name a the top right corner of the page. Then click Edit Profile to go to the page where you can send your PAA to yourself. 


Text or Email?

On the left side of the page under your profile picture there is a button to send the PAA as a TEXT or as an EMAIL.  Click the Text button to send it to your mobile phone or click Email to send it to your personal email. 


Receiving Text Message and Email

When you send your PAA link as a TEXT, you will see this message to the right. The first link directs you to your PAA Tool and the second shows you a video on our training website on how to save your PAA Tool link to your home screen of your phone. Saving it to your home screen ensures that you can access your PAA Tool quicker and easier. When you send your PAA link as an EMAIL, you will receive this message below.  The subject will be “PAA Address” and it will contain a link to your PAA tool, which you can open with both your mobile phone and your computer. 


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