Managing Your Contacts As A Broker

Managing Your Contacts

Once you log into your Broker Tool Website, click the Contacts Tab at the top of your tool page.


Viewing Your Contacts

When you navigate to the Contacts Tab, you can view your contacts information, property (If Buyer/Seller), Status of Lead, Type of Contact, Source, and Follow-Up Time. You can organize your contacts in 4 different ways: Leads, In Process, Past Clients & All.  This enables you to categorize your contacts in different groups to maximize your ability to manage each contact opportunity.


Adding A New Contact

To add a new contact, click on the “+” button to the right of the page next to the “Bulk Upload button. This will pop-up a New Contact/Lead box where you will enter in the contacts information.


Entering In Contact Information

From here you are able to enter in your contacts general information such as:

  1. Name

  2. Phone Number

  3. Email Address

  4. Zip Code

  5. Birthday

  6. Town

  7. Street Address

  8. Family Information (If Needed)

  9. Social Media Links

  10. Any other information Needed


Follow Up & Buyer Interests

Enter in a scheduled meeting and buyer contact information for future use and records.

  1. Date & Time To Follow Up With Contact

  2. Desired Property Locations, Address & Zip Code

  3. Desired Property Price Range

  4. Desired Property MLS #

  5. Property Type

  6. Preferred # Of Bedrooms

  7. Maximum Price Willing To Pay

  8. Rent vs. Purchase Option

  9. Residence vs. Investment Option

  10. Limit Property Search To Specific Town


Lead Information

Further details of contact’s interests and information with ability to enter in personal messages for future conversations.

  1. Lead Source

  2. Lead Type

  3. Buyer Interest Level

  4. Under Contract or Not?

  5. Contacted Status

  6. Pre-Approved?

  7. Referred to Lender, Credit Repair

  8. Agents Name

  9. Personalized Message for further conversations or notes about contact.

When Your Done Editing, Make Sure To SAVE Your Changes

To Make sure that your changes are saved, click the Orange SAVE Button at the bottom of the page.



Editing The Contact’s Information

Once you Accept the Contact, you can now Edit the Contacts information. To do this, click on the orange Open/Close button and a drop-down section will appear. From there can add/edit any information for the contact that needs to be changed.


General Information

Now you can edit the contact’s information, attach an Image to their profile, submit Notes about the contact and set up a Follow Up Time to meet or call the contact. To add a photo of the contact, simply click on the orange Choose File button under the image and select an image from your computer. Adding Notes is a good way to track when you called, met or discussed something with the contact. After entering a note in the Notes section, click SUBMIT and it will save that note with a time stamp next to it for record keeping.


Lead Information

This section is perfect for entering in an initial property’s information that the contact has been viewing. This includes the Address, MLS#, Maximum Price, Property Details and what Type Of Property it is. You can change their interest level if they are a buyer, edit their lead type, lead category and lead source. This is all the information you need to help the contact with buying, selling or anything else they need.


Referrals & Partners

This section allows you to refer your contact to one of your partners. This is done by clicking the blue Refer Client To Partner button, which will take you to a page to select the partner and then fill out the form to refer the contact.  Once you refer that contact to a partner, it will create a time stamp for when this action took place. You can view the partners specials by clicking on the orange View Partner Specials button which will take you to another page with all the offers or discounts the partner provides.

Social & Additional Detail

This is an additional section where you can add extra information about your contact such as their social media websites, occupation, age, if they are married, how many children they have, how much they make, and anything else.

Saving & Deleting

Make sure to save any changes that you have made to the contact by clicking the Orange SAVE Button. If you wish to delete the contact, open the contact editing page again and click the Red DELETE Button.


Updating The Contact

To change the Status of the Contact, click on the blue UPDATE button and another box will pop-up.  Select the orange drop-down arrow to select an appropriate Status for the contact: New, Prospect, Listed, Under Contract, Closed, or Dead.


Reassigning The Lead / Contact

Now that you have created a new contact, it will appear in your contacts page where you can assign it to a specific agent. In doing this, any updates or contact changes will be assigned to that agent. To do this, Click on the Blue Reassign Button to the right of the contact. This will pop-up another box where you be able to reassign the lead to another agent. Select the Orange Drop-down Arrow choose an agent to assign the lead to.


When Your Done Editing, Make Sure To SAVE Your Changes

To Make sure that your changes are saved, click the Orange SAVE Button.


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