Updating & Editing Your Profile As A Broker

Editing Your Profile

Once you log into your Agent Tool Website, you should “Hello (your brokerages name)” in the top right corner of your web browser along with a grey gear icon and a drop-down arrow. You can click on your brokerages name or the drop-down arrow and then click on “Edit Profile


From Here You Are Able To Edit:

Branding & Contact Information

  1. Upload Custom Logo and Favicon

  2. Primary Contact Name (Usually The Broker)

  3. Email Address

  4. Brokerage Address

  5. Brokerage Website Address

  6. Default Video URL

  7. Facebook Page URL

  8. Twitter Page URL

  9. Linkedin Page URL

  10. YouTube Channel URL

  11. Pintrest Page URL

  12. Google+ Page URL

  13. Optional Website Disclaimer

  14. Default Text Message Response


Custom Theme Colors

  1. Brokerage Website Main Theme Color

  2. Brokerage Website Background Color

  3. Brokerage Website Button Color

  4. Brokerage Mobile Website Theme Color


Brokerage Email Settings

  1. DEFAULT – Use Home123 Mailer Gateway

  2. SMTP – Use Your Own Email Address To Send

  3. MAILCHIMP – *Required For HTML email


When Your Done Editing, Make Sure To SAVE Your Changes

To Make sure that your changes are saved, click the SAVE button at the bottom of the page.

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