Lender Strategy Flow For Brokerage Relationship


Step One: Introduce The Offer Events

-Piggy Bank Onto Existing Events


  • FAR

  • Freddic Mac

  • Trade Shows

  • Local Associations

Existing Relationships:

  • Realtor’s who have recently close a deal____is the lender

  • MLO Demos

Referrals To Brokers From Existing Program Brokers:

  • This is common once we have an established presence


  • Once market is going, adding specific targeted contacts


Step Two: Initial Presentation Of Home123 Program

(Home123 Makes The Pitch Of The Overall Concept – Not A Tech Training)

This Should Be Done Within 30 Days Of Product Information

Face to Face:

At Branch Locations

-Multiple Brokerages Represented

At Brokerage

-Preferred During Sales Meeting


Not Preferred For Initial Introduction But We Can Do Webinars If This Is The Only Method Available


Step Three: Initial Follow Up


(Within 1 week Of Presentation)

If Brokerage Wants To Use Mobile Marketing:

1. Determine If Signs Will Be Provided At Program Onset

If Yes:

-Get Sign Requirements From Broker

-Create Proofs and Order

If No:

-Focus on Personal Mobile Applications as the Giveaway

-Determine Conditions That Need To Be Met To Receive Signs

2. Schedule Tech Training or Follow Up With MLO to Schedule Training

3. Get Branding Info To Set Up Accounts

If Brokerage Is NOT Interested In Mobile Marketing:

1. Determine If Other Services Offered By Home123 Fit


Mobile Applications

Call Center Support

Invester / Buyer Program

(Example: Mihara Realty in Tampa, No Signs But love Call Center Support)



If Brokerage Wants To Use Mobile Marketing:

1. Call and Gauge Interest

2. If Interest Level Is HIGH:

-Get Commitment To Tech Training  

3. If Interest Level is LOW:

-Get Feedback On Reason and See if They Will Talk To Home123 About Other Program Services.


Step Four: Technical Training

Prior To Training:

1. Home123

-Link MLO’s to Agent Accounts
-Set Up Branding
-Assign Phone Numbers

2. Lenders

-Week Prior To Scheduled Tech Training – Follow Up To Confirm Appointment and Determine Number Of Realtors Planning To Attend
-If Signs Were Ordered, Make Sure MLO Has Received Shipment
-MLO Brings Signs To Training or Drops Off Beforehand

At Training:

1. Home123 Covers

2. Systems Access

3. Setting Up Profiles

4. Feature Set and Lead Management

5. Personal Agent Application (PAA)

6. MLO Must Attend Training

Leave Behind:

1. Mobile Marketing Getting Started Guide

2. Lender Team Brochure

3. Lender Program Descriptions

4. Business Cards

5. Home123 Complete Offerings Overview


Step Five: Secondary Follow Up

1 Week:

1. Home123 Checks Activity Logs

-If NO Activity – Call Brokerage And See What Is Going On
-If Active – Report To MLO

2. Lenders

-If Home123 Finds Activity – Verify Signs Are In Yards

1 Month:

1. Home123

-Customer Service Call And Follow Up

2. Lender Team Members

-1 Onsite Follow Up Visit Without Home123
-2 Phone Calls
-Introduction of MLO To Realtors
-Set Up Follow Up Visit By Home123 in 1 Month
-Email contact Info and Information


Step Six: On Site Follow Up

Evaluate Usage System:

1. Refresh Training As Necessary 

2. Expand Knowledge Of System Applications

Get Brokerage Feedback on Interaction With Lender

Perform Brokerage Marketing Diagnostic:

1. Home123 Evaluates the Needs Of The Brokerage and Comes Up With A Custom Solution Based On Offerings Provided

Review Offerings:

-Agent Sites
-Brokerage Sites
-Mobile Applications
-Lead Management / CRM
-Partner Management
-Call Center Support Options
-Investor and Buyer Programs
-FSBO Incubation Programs
-Social Media Marketing
-Inbound Marketing Options

2. Determine Rollout Schedule

3. Set Expectations