Why Use QR Codes?

What is a QR Code?

QR codes are basically a digital button and capable of taking you many places. The codes are tracking capable. They can help you measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and media. One scan of your QR code will direct users to your chosen electronic destination. Link it to a virtual tour, personal introduction video, slide show, your contact information, open house information, or mobile website. Mobilize your Website, Blog, and Twitter. Link qr code to mobile-tuned features like chat, forums, help desk support, & surveys. Use your QR codes to create asset tracking with GPS location of the last scan. QR codes can track when and, approximately, where in the world your QR code was scanned. Change where your QR code points to at any time just by updating your qr code data. Get up to 3x the traction on your marketing pieces simply out of the prospects curiosity to what the qr code is and what it contains.


How can you offer your product for FREE?

Home123 is a one stop shop and value added home purchase and management offering for home owners. Our products and services attract sponsors for the opportunity to be associated with our customers, brand, and agents using our widgets and applications. These sponsors offer complimentary products for the real estate transaction and benefit of the consumer and agent. Our brand, quality, and focus on customer service bring confidence to the customer, the agent and the sponsor.


How can I use my Cell Phone to read a QR Code?

Download free software to your phone that converts your cell phone’s camera into a bar code scanner/reader. It is quick and easy to do. You can download one of hundreds of bar code scanning software, but keep this in mind: Microsoft TAG has a proprietary code, generator and reader. They do not work universally on traditional QR codes and are very limited. Otherwise, just find and download one you find as easy to use with your specific phone. (our suggestion in question below)


How do I download a QR code Reader?

Download the software that is specifically designed for your phone. You can find the right software for your phone at sites like ours at http://apps.home123.com or Google: QR code reader with your specific phone model.


How can you use QR codes to benefit your marketing efforts?

Business cards, Product details, brochures, signs, magazines, link to website or mobile web page, asset tags. Leverage technology so you get more views for your listings and have more touches with potential customers. The uses of this technology continue to evolve. The future of qr codes is exciting and will bring many new innovations and applications of this technology.


How do you generate a QR code?

You can easily generate a QR code using a site like ours www.the-qrcode-generator.com Follow the step by instructions and you are able to generate a code in a minute or two.


How do I manage my QR codes?

Most QR code generation companies do not have a CMS or content management system. If you have several codes the need for this CMS will become evident in a very short time. Home123 has a management system that makes it easy to find, search, change, and manage the hard to differentiate codes. To see a demonstration of this easy to use system click this link: www.home123realestate.com/cms Please use this user name and password: demo and Home123.


Where did QR code technology come from?

QR codes were created in 1994 by the Japanese corporation Denso-Wave to serve as an inventory tool.  Recently QR codes have begun to be used for marketing and promotion.  QR codes are very common in Asia and Europe but are still relatively new in the United States.


Why are qr codes “new” to the United States?

QR codes have been used in the United States for quite some time. The uses of these codes are becoming more mainstream do to the ease of access to scanners. Until recently the reader for the codes required a bar code scanning device and few consumers owned them. Today most people have a cell phone with a camera and internet access. These cameras have a quality lens capable of reading the detail of the codes and connectivity to retrieve the data through the internet.


What is the difference between standard bar codes and QR codes?

The reason why they are more useful than a standard barcode is that they can store (and digitally present) much more data, including url links, geo coordinates, and text.


Do QR codes affect SEO and do spiders see them?

If you add them to your website, the search engines will see them as images. These should be alt tagged with the proper descriptive terms so the spiders identify them. If done properly, the search engine will see a new image and index it accordingly. At some point soon, the search engines will likely recognize QR codes and possibly index the content in them.


How big or small does a QR code need to be for someone to read them?

The size of the qr code can vary dramatically depending on a few components: the quality of the camera and if it is self focusing, the distance from the scanner and the code, the steadiness of the camera on the code, and the quality of the qr code image. There are also Micro QR codes that handle smaller amounts of data compared to traditional qr codes (maximum 35 numeric characters), so they are very limited in there application.


Are their differences in the quality of the QR code reading software?

QR code readers have a range of error correction between 7-30%. The ratings are considered levels L-H. H is the best and highest correction level.


Error correction capacity

Level L

7% of code words can be restored.

Level M

15% of code words can be restored.

Level Q

25% of code words can be restored.

Level H

30% of code words can be restored


BUSINESS CARD 2D Barcode formats:

  1. Vcard – have complete set of standard contact information

  2. Me card – also includes complete business contact information. The format you should choose depends on your reader software.

  3. URL – simply link to a website address